Handmade earthenware

I love all the little “mistakes” of old pottery. Tiny pinholes, a bit of warping, small damages made by a kiln prop and all the colours of old ‘whites’, the old white tiles with the different colors given by the rest of the kiln load.

Those flaws show us the people behind the tableware; the makers and the ones who used it.

Industrialization made us loose contact with the origin of objects and paved the way for mass consumption.

Fortunately a counter-movement has started and handmade is valued again.

Please slow down, take a look and enjoy.


December 2018

I added a tutorial on how to make your own carving tools in Teaching

From now on it is possible to buy my work on Facebook. I hope to provide the same service through Instagram in the near future. All payments still go through Etsy.

November 2018

New bowls, dishes, cups and vases in my webshop. You’re welcome to visit and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about an item.

Handmade ceramic dish

October 2018

I will update my shop between October 17 and October 20 with new bowls, cups, dishes and vases.

More to come in the weeks after.

September 2018

I’m working on new colors and new glazes. The glazes aren’t exactly new, they are two buckets that have been on a shelf for a few years. I restarted testing them and am finally getting them under control. I’ll write a seperate blog post about it once I have succeeded completely.


August 23, 2018

I’ve been working on a shop update and on updating this website. More to come! If you are missing some info on my website, please let me know in the comments below.

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I glazed these pink bowls in a different way then I did before and am very happy with how they turned out. I like the look of unglazed ceramics but the texture can be uncomfortable using cutlery. I like people to use my ceramics and I hope, now that they have a more pleasant feel to it,  this way these bowls will become someone’s favourite.