6 thoughts on “Latest firing

  1. Great – thanks for the recipe. I’ve been looking in the EKWK book – from the European Ceramics Work Centre in s’Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.. There’s a whole chapter on terra sigillata and pictures too (like of your two layers after using the Dolapix). I love Geert Lap’s colours and surfaces – so subtle…

    • A picture in that same book, of a sculpture by Wolfgang Laib (or was it Kapoor?), was the reason I started experimenting with terra sigillata. The terra sigillata was applied on the sculpture by spraying, so beautiful! As is Lap’s work… Hope you’ll succeed in combining terra sigillata with porcelain and to see some results in the future!

    • Dankje Petra! Ik haal net een geglazuurde versie uit de oven, ben er blij mee maar toch jammer dat het er altijd op moet om werk functioneel te maken, ik houd wel van dat fresco-achtige van ongeglazuurde engobes.

  2. Wow – they look absolutely fantastic. They are so great I am looking at terra sigillatta recipes even though I work in porcelain. Hmm. Not sure that’s going to work….

    • Thanks Carys!
      The work in the pictures is slipware, I didn’t use terra this time because I want these to be functional and so I’ll have to glaze them.
      Terra sigillata on porcelain… it might work, I don’t know but maybe if you make terra out of kaolin or your porcelain? Here’s a recipe to make small amounts quickly:
      Clay 100%
      Water 140%
      Dolapix PC 67 1%
      Mix water and dolapix, add clay, mix again and wait for 2 to 3 hours. If everything went well you now have 2 layers and no water on top (if there is, you can take it of) The top layer is your terra sigillata. I got the recipe from this website (in Dutch) http://academiearendonk.be/index1.html

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