Handmade earthenware

I love all the little “mistakes” of old pottery. Tiny pinholes, a bit of warping, small damages made by a kiln prop and all the colours of old ‘whites’, the old white tiles with the different colors given by the rest of the kiln load.

Those flaws show us the people behind the tableware; the makers and the ones who used it.

Industrialization made us loose contact with the origin of objects and paved the way for mass consumption.

Fortunately a counter-movement has started and handmade is valued again.

Please slow down, take a look and enjoy.

Old work

Since the beginning of 2017, when I opened my Etsy shop, I’ve been focusing on functional ceramics. Before that most of my work was autonomous and non-functional. Sometimes I miss doing these experiments, especially opening a kiln full of them, and I hope one day I will find a way to include some of my findings in my tableware.


Exhibition photos


Experiments with clay and glazes

The unglazed surface

Don’t you love the matte, rough look of unglazed ceramics? Until recently it was not possible to make unglazed tableware foodsafe. Fortunately a coating has now been invented that makes unglazed ceramics foodsafe and water- and oil resistant.

Ingrid Wens Pitcher

When the unglazed surface is sealed, it will repel water and oil.

It can be uncomfortable to eat from because the surface is often not as smooth as a glaze. I hope you’ll be able here to find earthenware with the right balance between ethetics and comfort.

As with all ceramics, the way you treat it determines how long its beauty and surface will last. Please treat your handmade ceramics with kindness. Wash it by hand whenever it’s possible and don’t use any aggressive cleaning products.