Teaching a new course

Last September and November I gave a new course; Printing techniques for ceramics.

It is a course for small groups in which I teach various printing techniques suitable for wet and leatherhard clay. Among the techniques are a variety of monotype techniques, screenprinting and lithography and you can use all of them on 3D shapes.

I enjoyed teaching this course a lot. I like experimenting with these techniques myself and the students were very enthousiastic and focused as well as inventive.

They worked very spontaneous, only to test the techniques. Here are some pictures of the results.

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Mid-fire experiments

Only a few times a year I fire at 1150℃. Today I unloaded the results of a firing like that.

I had a lot of glaze tests e.g. from a glaze that I don’t seem to be able to get right, and some experiments with old thrown work.

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In september I teached a course “Graphic techniques for ceramics”. I thaught the participants different kinds of monotype techniques, lithography and screenprinting. It was great to see their enthousiasm and their progress. Here are some of their results.

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