Some wheel thrown cups came out of the kiln last week.

I had been wheel throwing for a few weeks about a month ago and instantly remembered why I enjoy it so much. For now there are other things to do but in July I will attend a course teached by Joop Crompvoets, one of the great potters in the Netherlands. His week long throwing courses are fully booked within no-time, but I managed to get in and am very glad I have.

When I made these cups my purpose was to make ‘a personal cup’ so that’s why they are all different.  They have terra sigillata applied on the outside, glaze on the inside and were fired to cone 04. My last name means “wish” in Dutch and is stamped in some of the cups.

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I only glazed a few to see how that worked out and think a creamy white glaze will suit these better and a bit more glaze around the rim is more practical so that’s what I will keep in mind next time.

IMAG1228 IMAG1224 IMAG1220 IMAG1209